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HUE / SATURATION by Tiffany Onderstall

On exhibition from 3 August - 4 October 2023

Hue/Saturation explores the concept of how we as individuals uniquely perceive colours in our world. Our eyes pick up light and transfer the gathered ‘data’ to our brain to process and create the image we see. But here’s a thought; how do we know if we are all interpreting this data in the same way?

What if your blue is actually my green without us realising it? That is a question that has been running through my mind from a young age.

This memory has inspired my collection of oil paintings that explores what someone else’s world might look like, unique to the eye of the beholder. By playing around with medium, concept, and style, I look for ways to push my artistic boundaries. The destination is not always clear but the journey has been astounding.

I have always believed that art can be much more than just an aesthetic to please the observer. At least to me. And as an artist in Cape Town, South Africa once said: “Art is a weapon of peace”.

One day I would like to find a way to open the viewer’s mind through art and change their opinion about our world in some way.

Tiffany Onderstall was only 6 years old when she started attending Nellie Brisley Art School in Bloemfontein. Fast forward to her time in Cape Town she attended oil painting sessions with Tracy Payne for three years and took home some valuable lessons. This then led her to take on printmaking at Judy Woodborn’s Intaglio studio for a year.

Her multi-medium experiences have inspired her to combine the different techniques in order to develop her own personal style as an artist.


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