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COLOURS OF THE HEART by Michaela Rinaldi

3 November 2017 - 6 December 2017

Michaela Rinaldi is a very talented artist with no formal training. She uses techniques developed through experimentation and a love affair with colour. Painting from a place deep within her heart and expressing feeling without any rules or format, or a need to please. It is a process for her, an awakening of consciousness and personal growth, through painting compulsively and relentlessly. One could describe her work as abstract figurative, however Michaela prefers you to look at the art with your heart, rather than your eyes and to find a connection with a piece through a resonated emotion or a personal intimate experience. Let a painting speak to you and take a life of its own.

Michaela has enjoyed a very successful launch of her career over the past 5 years. She has exhibited her work at numerous galleries across the country. ODA Franschhoek, The Gallery Riebeek Kasteel, INTOTO Gallery Johannesburg, State of the Art and Young Blood Cape Town, to name a few. Michaela has also featured in print publications such as Habitat, House & Garden Conde Nast, VISI, Premier Magazine, SLOW Magazine, House & Leisure and Opulent Living.

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