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CHASING LIGHT by Michael Tietz Geldenhuys

On exhibition until 3 April 2024.


In these paintings the landscape as subject is filtered to become a specific kind of landscape veering close to romanticism.  They are a redefining of the visual experience of landscape as something emotive and suggestive of sensation. They are landscapes remembered, re-imagined and abstracted. They are the painted surface, texture and value, atmosphere and shifting light.


Michael Tietz - Geldenhuys currently lives and works in Cape Town and continues to focus on painting and drawing with an emphasis on classical realism in portraiture, figurative and still life subjects and abstraction. 

Born in Durban South Africa in 1976: Michael obtained a Degree in Fine Art at the University of Technology in 1999 majoring in painting and photography. 

After studying Michael spent three years in Mozambique, focusing on photography, culminating in a successful photographic exhibition at DIT Art Gallery in 2003. 

While traveling in 2002, Michael discovered the academic atelier tradition in Florence, Italy. He returned the following year to attend a course of figure, portrait and cast drawing, anatomy and art history at the Florence Academy of Art. Michael returned to Florence again in 2014 to complete a painting course focusing on classical realism, sight-size, and portraiture.

Michael has successfully exhibited in over 37 solo and group exhibitions in South Africa and abroad.


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