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FOR EVERYONE by Jess van Schalkwyk

On exhibition from the 5th of April 2023

About the Collection & Artist

"I pride myself in being a philanthropist by heart and a Disaster Manager by trade and passion, but this in no way outshines my first love: surfing! While working in the disaster relief field, I had the opportunity to travel around our very rad globe and no matter where I’ve travelled, I’ve always managed to bump into fellow surfers and learned that this beautiful pastime really is FOR EVERYONE!

In 2022 I had a number of injuries that kept me out the water but this gave me time to dive back into my art and play with watercolours again. The aim of my art is always to make people smile - if you leave my exhibition having had a little giggle, I’ve done my job.

I was also incredibly blessed to have sponsors and supporters throughout my surfing days who have remained family to this day. Peter Lawson is a world-class shaper whose name is at the top of this list; he has allowed me to use one of his boards as a canvas for the final piece in my collection.

I look forward to introducing you to my favourite surfing animals."


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