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WALLFLOWER by Tara Deacon, Amy Ayanda & Donna Solovei

1 February to 28 February

Wallflower is a group exhibition of contemporary art by three young South African female artists:

  • Tara Deacon

  • Amy Ayanda

  • Donna Solovei


Tara Deacon is a South African Illustrator and painter , who is currently living and working in Berlin. Her illustrations explore recurring themes of color, nature, found objects and treasures,

and evokes a sense of nostalgia & naivety in her work which is done completely by hand.

Amy Ayanda (b. 1992) is an artist and musician, who lives and works in CapeTown.

She is also a mother, but so much more besides. Ayanda’s paintings offer a visual notation

of her journeys in femininity,motherhood, homecoming and defiance,

told in a tone both amused and ironic.

Donna Solovei is a freelance illustrator, artist and mother, based in Cape Town. Her work is inspired by the connection between shapes and the way nature works with its ever changing colours. All elements play a role and compliment each other, from the medium to the material. The way that some layers of ink or watercolour are not perfect or blurred or blended, work in a way to enhance a feeling of nature such as the movement of water. This push and pull effect and are very much a part of the meaning of her art.

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