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TIMELESS by Marco Lubbers

5 April - 2 May 2018

A collection of photographic images by Marco Lubbers.

Marco Lubbers is a media specialist in film & photography. His company, based in Amsterdam, creates commercials, documentaries & films across the globe.

As a six year old, Marco dreamt of being an olympic speed skater. The best speed skating track was not far from his hometown and became the center of his life. He was talented, but did not quite make it to the top. So new dreams came along. He wanted to share his love for sport as a photographer and film maker.

In those years he steadily broadened his scope: from the skating rinks to the world outside and beyond.

From photography and film to virtual reality. He firmly believes in the power of images.

“Cameras help us interpret our view on life, sharing it with others. Providing focus. They push the scope of our understanding of the world. Showing the beauty surrounding us.”

Although he is still true to his roots in speed skating, Marco does so much more. He tries to capture the stillness of nature, the sudden abstractness of reality and the character of the people in front his lens. A recurring theme is the juxtaposition of darkness and light.

Marco is ambitious. He is working on turning Catch Your Moment into a household name, an established brand within the media world, known for its creativity and inspiration.

“That is what inspires me: the ambition to catch the perfect moment.”

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