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LATE NIGHT SKETCH TALES by Christopher MacClements


4th of October to 31st of October 2018

A collection of architectural hand sketches capturing Cape Town's iconic buildings. Please join us for the opening event of this phenomenal exhibition of work by multi-talented Christopher Ian MacClements. The series - a collection of 22 images - has not only been an ode to the first two and a half years Christopher has spent living in Cape Town, observing her beautiful architecture, but it has also been about finding solace in sketching. Each piece has formed part of a practice and meditation that has been instrumental to his learning and artistic centering. The series, aptly titled "Late Night Sketch Tales", was built over the course of the recent year during the late hours of each evening spent sketching. "This is the time I am the most honest, most at home, immersed in my music" The series has therefore culminated in a body of work more aligned with the practice of something you believe in and allowing that process to be your solace.


Christopher MacClements is a multidisciplinary creative just trying to do his thing... "My 'thing' then, I guess, stems from my daily pursuits in architecture, graffiti, illustration, motion and graphic design, film, music and beat-boxing; I strive to cultivate multifaceted design approach that draws inspiration from all my respective fields of interest. I equate each discipline that I love as a string to my bow - each one therefore has an equally instrumental role in me hitting my mark and finding my voice as a 'creative'. So before I announce self, I'd like to announce those fields which have inspired me." "As for me, I'm drawn to collaborative, holistic, and rigorous creatives who are not only pushing themselves, but pushing their desired field of creative exploration. And, it is just that - exploration. Categorically I'm seen as a creative and architect, but really I'm just someone who tries daily to explore and interpret the inner workings of my mind, and others' minds through the circuitous process of exploring" Instagram: @mac.lemons Portfolio:

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