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2015-2018 by Eugenie Miller

6th of December 2018 to the 17th of January 2019

Opening Event - 6th of December at 6pm

A collection of digital artwork depicting the artist’s personal growth as a young person in the 21st century.

“I grew up in the educational context of Post-Apartheid South Africa. With one of the most progressive constitutions and a child-friendly democracy education culture, I learnt strong liberal ethical values. I share these values with many other South African Millennials. My definition of Art is: A physical or experiential original product with an emotive meaning created by a person with the intention of creating art.”

Four of the images are self-portraits made at different times. In them Eugenie’s progressing identity formation is evident. The remaining four works are portraits of individuals who captured her imagination during her exploration of digital art. Each work has its own particular meaning and creation story.

“I was a nervous child and over achiever academically. I spent my childhood obsessing over becoming a doctor & plastic surgeon artist. My teenage years were spent listening to anti-folk music, looking at and redrawing photos of male models and planning my nose job in the mirror. After school I kept redirecting my passions - with studies in Medicine (aspiring to be a plastic surgeon), Architecture (with a desire to blur the lines between architecture and art) and Computer Engineering (to be a wealthy developer). Computer Engineering requires you to spend all your time coding, this resulted in having to choose another degree. Now, through a friend’s recommendation, I am in the process of studying Interactive Design at Open Window, which I am enjoying. Finally I think I have an idea of what I want to do with my life. I am interested in app design but my heart wants me to be an autobiographical artist and moral entrepreneur. I try to spend any extra time that I have making what I call art.”

Artists Bio

At 25 years old, Eugenie Miller has been an aspiring artist since childhood. She learnt aesthetics and conceptualizing from her mother (Artist Karin Miller), books and boyfriends. Her University education included one year of Medicine at UCT, three years of Architecture at UCT (where she became curiously obsessed with South Africa’s History and the idea of a “public toilets, baths and showers water catchment tower” that could be erected in townships), one year of Computer Engineering at UP and is now currently studying Interaction Design at Open Window.

“I try to spend any extra time that I have making what I call art.”

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