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On exhibition from 7 November to 3 December 2019

Opening Event: 7 November 2019 at 6 - 9pm

“Where There is Life” is a collection of abstract artworks created from scars, stains and textures. These pieces look at, and make use of, the forces of nature as well as the natural cycles of life.

Natural processes are used to show transformation and evolution through the experimental mixing of a variety of materials. Inks and paints mix with salts, alcohol and pigments to create organic marks that mimic occurrences in the natural world in an homage to colours, patterns and textures of the earth and sky.

Alchemy and painting have many parallels and, among other things, the alchemical concept of embedding thoughts into materials is also used in these pieces as the act of creating is a testament to both memory and life itself.

There is a strong reliance on time as well as embracing the unknown as, even though these works are planned, the way each material will react with another as they are drying will result in a different outcome every time. It is a lesson in letting go and trust.

These pieces are a hopeful look at the world around us that is constantly growing and changing. They remind us to remember things that have passed but also to show how we are in synergy with the earth and that new and wonderful things are being created around us all the time.

Liffey Joy is a media artist who lives in Cape Town. She studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art and graduated in 2011.

She creates mainly monochromatic abstract works that incorporate natural tones and metallics.

Her focus is on experimentation and materiality and her process revolves strongly around play and exploration. Her aim is to create interesting textures by mixing various materials such ink, acrylic, wine, potassium permanganate and epsom salts.

This combination of mediums creates and alchemical effect resulting in fluid, organic marks and textures that, whilst being controlled, still feel natural. Her work is aestheticised and planned chaos with a strong reliance on both the unexpected and science.

Her interest in nature and mark making meet in her abstract pieces. The natural processes that happen when the materials she uses combine reflects this in the ideas of growth and decay which appear both in the materials used as well as subject matter.

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