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COLOURS OF THE SEA by Renske Linders

On exhibition from 5th of December 2019 to the 20th of January 2020.

The leading theme, in Renske's collection of paintings, is the sea. The components of place, time, light and temperature have an effect on the colouring and mood of the sea. Every time the sea is observed, it is a surprise to notice what the colours will be like, and thus, how it makes people feel. The beauty of this constant transformation is further heightened by the speed of this change, making it clear that the sea will never be the same. No two moments or views are identical, and this encourages the viewer to naturally be present in the moment of taking in its beauty.

The paintings explore this ever-changing beauty of patterns and colors. In order to do so, diverse techniques, colours, and mediums are used, including acrylics, resin, sand, gold leaves, ecoline and more. The figures in the paintings, refer to the human connection to the sea and its views.

"It has been debated that the sea has an emotional effect on people, which is usually calming and mindful"

The paintings also represent opportunity and movement, which is just the same as the interpretation of these views - universal. They attribute to every day life in which most people have desires, which can be met by shifting focus towards the direction they would like to go.

Renske Linders is originally from the Netherlands, and currently resides in Amsterdam. She constantly experiments with different techniques and mediums. It is in Cape Town that Renske was regularly exposed to the views of Cape Town’s diverse beaches and sea views. She spent many hours under the magnetic effect of the sea, watching the surfers and surfing herself. This inspired her to make visual art in the form of paintings and photographs to memorise these visions. Other than that, Renske is studying and working on her next exhibition, collaborating with a Syrian refugee artist, where together they will display over 50 artworks, in Amsterdam in the summer of 2020.

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