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MASHIRIPITI – a collaborative exhibition by Nicky Elliott Photography and Avoova

Opens on Thursday the 6th of June at 6pm.

Mashiripiti means Magical in Shona.

Nicky Elliott’s photographic images were captured in Zimbabwe and the Avoova egg collection, made in South Africa in the Karoo. The photographs depict a fantasy tree decorated in beautiful eggs creating something Magical. Nicky Elliott is an international photographer based in Cape Town. She graduated from UCT’s Michaelis School of Art when photography was still in the ‘dark-room' age. The dawn of digital photography has enabled her to hone her skills even further. She is active in all genres of photography

The opportunity for her to combine images from African assignments and graphic interpretation of the inimitable ostrich egg, was too good to miss and “Mashiripiti" happened…

AVOOVA designs and creates décor items using the creamy, durable shards of hatched ostrich shell. The shell is collected from the farmers in the Karoo region of South Africa and applied to a variety of surfaces.

The Avoova egg collection is their latest project. The designs of the collection are inspired by Africa from our beloved wildlife to our flora and fauna. Each one is handmade by talented, local artisans in their workshop in the Karoo town of Prince Albert.

A very “magical”collection - on exhibition from the the 6th of June to the 1st of July 2018

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