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2nd of April to the 4th of June 2019

Ground Art Caffe is very proud to present our upcoming art installation - never been done before in Cape Town - by bringing street art indoors. A Wall Project is a non-profit artistic expression where we invite viewers to interact with the development of the art over a period of five weeks.

There is an ancient saying, if you express that which is inside of you, it will save you, and if you do not express it, it will destroy you.

The Wall Project is an interactive platform exactly for this kind of compelling expression.

This installation is a call for an expansion of our current story, and a prod to leave our littleness behind. The project reflects Rifkinʼs frank, humane and provocative street art, which explicitly aims to evoke the possible in each other.

Each individual interaction on The Wall is valued for its uniqueness and its integral contribution to the expression of the whole Wall… just as each individual life is integral and vital to the unfolding of the whole world.

Rather than focusing on that which is broken, painful or in the past, the Wall prompt brings to the fore that which is still intact and available to us. Provocations like these serve to interrupt our busyness and ordinary struggles, and help guard us from inadvertently giving away our destiny.

Rifkinʼs art taps into the existential: meaning, purpose and that which we yearn for in order to experience a satisfying life. Hope, for example, is a great antidote to fear, and is particularly useful when we pause to consider who we still wish to become.

This is phase one of The Wall Project.

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